“Excelent Rooms, Excelent Ambiance!”
Rooms are excellent. You will feel like a Ancient Greek God.Every detail every decoration, the lights, everything boost this ambiance. We did feel like we did a time travel when we saw the room.
The crew were really helpful, trying to boost our experience: it was a great surprise to see the hotel owner come with candles and romantic music when we said we'll have a drink on the terrace.
This place is perfect for a romantic weekend. The hotel is not far from touristic locations of the region(whit a car).
Perimasalı is definitely the best boutique hotel in the region and there is no doubt that it is one of the bests in Turkey.

tgandur 13 contributions
Oct 5, 2009 | Trip type: Couples
Truly a fairytale

We spent a fantastic night at this wonderful and extremely beautiful hotel. Each room or suite has been carefully designed and tastefully decorated by the owner. You enter your room and feel like in a different world. The fact that the hotel has been built into the Cappadocian hills, which already provides you with a special atmosphere, is supported by the mainly indirect lighting and the luxurious and comfortable oriental furnishing of the rooms.
We enjoyed our bath in the beautiful bathroom, where every detail invited us to stay and relax.
We were given a warm welcome by the owner himself, who supplied us with a lot of information on Cappadocia and its history and famous sights. We spent the evening on the top of the hotel overviewing the town of Mustafapasa. As the owner told us there will also be a restaurant in 2010, which will complement the excellent service.
If there is a next time, we will definitely stay at this hotel again, only longer !!!! Once you' ve come as far as Cappadocia it's truly a place you shouldn't miss.
kubkowi 10 contributions
Sep 5, 2009 | Trip type: Family

Probably the best boutique hotel of Cappadocia

We stayed there a diplomat i worked in protocol department, thus saw a lot of hotels and i took part in the organisation of lot of presidential visits. i can easily say that some rooms of perimasali hotel are much better then presidential suits of the most famous hotels. The owner Salih Birbilen is a perfectionist man with great taste and creativity , so he created a wonderful boutique hotel. There you can enjoy at the same time sleeping in a cave but in big luxury. We are looking forward to going there again and again.

Korkuttufan 1 contribution
Aug 13, 2009 | Trip type: Family

unique ,relaxing & cozy. Have them all~

Had difficulty in finding the hotel BUT , it didn't disappoint us.The unique and cozy interior
of each room was quite amazing .Especially the jacuzzi in the bathroom was more than helpful after the hot heat in Cappadocia.
For those who want dreamlike honeymoon it's perfect. For 2-3 families in group ,it's also recommendable .
Not a big hotel with many rooms but I guess that's what makes this hotel more relaxing.
We would definitly visit this place again!!

kosum66 4 contributions
Aug 10, 2009 | Trip type: Family

Absolutly fantastic experience

Stayed at the hotel for two nights, fantastic rooms and superb ambiance. Salih the manager was extremly helpful and made our stay a memorable one.
This is a quite, quaint little town and extremly peaceful. A wonderful place for a quiet holiday in a unique setting.

ApolloAustralia 1 contribution
Jul 23, 2009 | Trip type: Couples

Ahmet Özal
15 Eylül 2009, Sali 12:51
muhtesem ...muhtesem...muhtesem...soyleyecek soz bulamıyorum harıka bır yer ...sıcak samımı otel ısletmecılerı muhtesem odalar muhtesem her sey harıka ve ınternettekı resımlerden cok daha guzel bır yer sakın kafa dınlemek stress dagıtmak ıcın harıka bır yer manzara muthıs gercekten masal gıbı herkese tavsıye ederım ben yılbasında tekrar gıdecegım

Korkut Tufan
13 Ağustos 2009, Persembe 15:16

Bu muhteşem oteli şiddetle tavsiye ederim. Biz geniş bir aile olarak iki kere kaldık ve hepimiz otele aşık olduk.Adı gibi peri masalı yaşatan bir mekan. Otelin sahibi Salih Bey son derece zevkli ve mükemmeliyetçi biri olarak şaheser odalar yaratmış. Hem bir mağarada uyumanın değişikliğini hem de büyük bir lüksü aynı odada yaşayabiliyorsunuz. Mesleğim gereği pek çok otelin kral dairelerini gördüm. İnanın Perimasalı'nın bazı odalarını bunlara değişmem.







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