The sea fairy…
Polyphemos – an atrocious and frightening sea God – falls desperetaly in love with this charming sea fairy named Galateia which means “milk white”. Although his feelings tell him to chase after Galateia, his mentality orders him to desist from  this passionate love due to his monstrous body. Despair spreads all over Polyphemos’ heart… He is no longer a direful God now and he starts singing mourning songs. Despite the fact that Polyphemos struggles to define the greatness of his love, Galateia never requites because of being in love with Akis.
One day, while Galateia is having a deep dreamy sleep in the safe and warm arms of Akis by the seaside, Polyphemos sees them and he can’t help feeling jealous. Then, Galateia and Akis – the two contented lovers – start to run away from Polyphemos feeling the fear and anxiety. Unfortunately, they can not escape from him and Polyphemos murders Akis by throwing a huge piece of rock to his head. After the devastating suffer of losing Akis, the miserable lover Galateia, transforms his dead body into a river. In this way,  she immortalizes her passionate love.
Consequently, the brook which streams through the grassy plain called “Akion (Acium)”  bears the name “Akis”.