Rain fairy…
The name of the month “May” comes from this fairy’s name.
Zeus – the God of the sky and thunder – is a dangler and a disloyal god who is not very interested in love but in beauty of women. Hera – a charming goddess who disallows all of her lovers – accepts Zeus’ love and marries him; besides, Hera is a very jealous Goddess.
Rain fairy Maia is the most beautiful, the shiest and the oldest one of seven daughters of  Atlas and Pleione. Moreover, she dwells in a cave on the mountain named “Kyllen” on her own. Zeus falls in love with Maia when he sees her and fortunately, this is not an unrequited love. Maia and Zeus start having a confidential relationship together.
Finally, when jealous Hera recognizes that relationship, she gets affected by the flumes of jealousy and she turns Maia into a star in the sky.